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Rebel Recording Artist: Spring Creek
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Though their traditional bluegrass instruments and tight harmonies bespeak the Appalachian origins of the music that this band so sincerely honors, it is the soul of the Rocky Mountains that inspires the sound of Spring Creek. Spring Creek was born five years ago, and when this lively foursome takes the stage it is evident that they have not only studied, lived, and traveled together, but that they have logged many many hours of singing and playing together. Night after night, this deep-seated rapport is made apparent as wordless communication guides consistently executed song arrangements. Grammy Award Winner Tim Stafford notes, "Fine original material, heartfelt vocals and a sense of adventure that falls over easily into their live performances makes them a band worth watching."

Spring Creek's fresh and youthful approach caught the attention of Jeff White, who produced their highly anticipated Rebel Records debut, Way Up On A Mountain. Building on the upward trajectory established by their first two recordings, this album showcases their flourishing vocal, instrumental, and songwriting talents. With the additional help of Michael Cleveland’s explosive fiddle playing, Spring Creek delivers 12 gems, including the breakout singles “My Love is Way Up On a Mountain” and “Try and Catch the Wind.” The ten originals on the record explore fresh territory for the band like Taylor Sims' western swing-infused “Drivin’ Me Crazy," Chris Elliott’s Cuban jazz-inspired banjo piece "Cuba Vera Swing," and Jessica Smith’s gospel-leaning “Slow Down.” Each of the songs on Way Up On A Mountain is a reflection of the band’s roots, musical sensibilities, and maturing talents.

As they tour nationwide in 2009, Spring Creek looks forward to connecting with their many fans across the nation. With the momentum and excitement of this stellar new album, they are sure to expand their audience as they share their talents and fresh approach with music lovers the world over.

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